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Ms. Cecilia Mak Lye Kin

Research Interest: Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Optimization, Streaming Analytics, Text Analytics, etc.

Cecilia is an experienced Microsoft Office Trainer, specializing in the Microsoft Office desktop applications. She has worked as an End-User Analyst with National Computer Board, providing IT support, training and consulting services to government agencies.

She has many years of teaching experience in SP. Part of her work in SP include corporate training in the IT department. She has provided in-house IT training to SP Staff on campus-wide software.

As a Senior Lecturer at SP, she teaches data analysis modules using software applications and delivers design thinking programs. She develops course materials, leads lectures, group activities and delivers Microsoft Office workshops for public and private companies. She has also proven her expertise with successful completion of Microsoft Office Specialist, Expert & Master certifications.